Earthquake of magnitude 7 in Indonesia

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Earthquake of magnitude 7 in Indonesia

The earthquake that occurred on the 5th night not only caused a large number of casualties, but also more than 13,000 buildings were damaged in the earthquake. On the 6th local time, some local residents of Lombok who were injured in the previous day's earthquake are still being treated in the hospital. Some people still feel fear when they recall the earthquake. Dingbo Machiney is fell very sad.

The post-earthquake search and rescue work in Indonesia is in a difficult situation. One of the first difficulties faced by rescuers is the lack of rescue equipment. Many rescuers have to rely on their hands to excavate rescue.
On the evening of August 5, an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale occurred in the northeastern part of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. According to the latest news from the British "Mirror" on the 6th, the earthquake has caused at least 142 people to die and 200 injuries. Bali is about 200 km from Lombok.
According to the British "Guardian" report, the local government said that more than half of the houses in North Lombok were destroyed or seriously damaged. Indonesian Disaster Reduction Agency spokesperson Soutobo said the earthquake caused massive damage and some areas are currently unable to enter.
According to reports, rescue workers are trying to dig people buried under the mosque in the village of Lading-Lading. The green dome of the building is on a flat cement board, and it is believed that there were about 40 people in the mosque when the earthquake struck.
Sutobo said that the lack of lifting equipment hindered the rescue work, and some rescuers were forced to dig by their hands. Rescue barriers in the northern and eastern mountains of Lombok also include collapsed bridges and disruption of power communications, and wreckage blocked roads.
Najmul Akhyar, head of the North Lombok district, estimates that more than 80% of the area was damaged by the earthquake. Sutobo said, "We expect the number of deaths to continue to rise. All the victims are Indonesians."
The local hospital is overcrowded and many of the wounded can only be placed in hospital parking lots or temporary medical tents. Rescue agencies say they are distributing food, water, tents, blankets and hygiene items.


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