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Stone Crusher and Conveyor in Indonesia

Stone Crusher and Conveyor in Indonesia, Dingbo Indonesia Jaya can supplier stone crusher, Conveyor , sand making machine, grinding mill, vibrating screen,Stone crusher alias: stone crusher, stone crusher, ore crusher stone crusher performance The use of extrusion, splitting, bending, impact, rolling and other methods, the large rock broken into pieces of machinery. Commonly used are crushers such as squat, cone, hammer and roller. In addition to these two types of equipment, linear vibrating screens and impact crushers are required on the production line, and cone crushers are sometimes equipped as needed.

Equipment advantages
(1) The stone crushing production line has high degree of automation, large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, large processing capacity, and the broken product is in the shape of a cube.
Crushing production line
The needle-like content is low, there is no internal crack, and the compressive strength is high.
(2) The equipment is easy to maintain and maintain, and the wearing parts are the latest high-strength wear-resistant materials in China, with low loss and long service life, which can bring considerable economic benefits to customers.
(3) The stone crushing production line has been successfully applied to the crushing processing of limestone, basalt stone, granite, pebbles and other rocks. The quality of the finished product after crushing completely meets the GB14685-2001 standard, and is a high-grade highway, railway, water conservancy, concrete mixing station and other industries. Qualified aggregate is provided.
Special equipment for stone production line (sand stone production line) is a special equipment for the production of sand and stone for construction. Stone equipment, including jaw crusher, stone crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen , sand washing machine, belt conveyor, etc. Our company's equipment has the characteristics of reliable performance, reasonable design, convenient operation and high work efficiency.
Production process editing
The flow of the stone production line is roughly as follows: (silo) ---- Feeder----Jaw Crusher---- Impact Crusher ---- Vibrating Screen ---- (can be finished). Conveyors can be connected between the machines in between.
Process introduction
First, the stone material is uniformly fed into the coarse crusher by the feeder for preliminary crushing, and then the produced coarse material is conveyed by the belt conveyor to the crusher.
The impact crusher is further crushed, and the finely crushed stone is sieved into a vibrating sieve to separate stones of different specifications, and the stone returning material that does not satisfy the granularity requirement is crushed again by the impact crusher.

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